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monokhrome Ryan H. Walsh & Co. top themselves yet again with another collection of gorgeous, slyly sophisticated and perfectly poignant tunes. It'll probably keep flooring me for a while. Favorite track: I'm You.
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hombal beautiful lyrics... ein tolles album zum immer wieder hören Favorite track: Transparent Chart of the Heavens.
Jeremy / HI54LOFI
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Jeremy / HI54LOFI hallelujah for another great Hallelujah The Hills album Favorite track: I'm You.
Ben Harris
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Ben Harris "Hello, I am the person singing this song. And if you think that might be you, well, I guess you might not be wrong... " ---- I love albums whose lyrics are so peculiar that they could be open to all manner of interpretations, depending on your given outlook or mood. Hallelujah The Hill's 'I'm You' is a foaming mug of idiom-blending verse that could be as equally wacky as they are loaded with thunder-browed analogy and meaning. Favorite track: Transparent Chart of the Heavens.
Nick Green
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Nick Green How the hell is one meant to compile a top ten for 2019? Favorite track: I'm You.



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"One of the best American rock albums of recent years. ★★★★★" - Exile Magazine
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"FANTASTIC" - Boing Boing
"One of rock and roll’s best kept secrets." - Dusted Magazine
"Unlike anything Hallelujah the Hills has done." - The Boston Globe
“AN EPIC.” - Boston Herald
"One of the finest American rock bands, Hallelujah the Hills from Boston, Massachusetts. Such a great record." - One Chord to Another


released November 15, 2019

Recorded at Machines with Magnets, Pawtucket RI
Produced by Seth Manchester and Hallelujah The Hills
Mixed by Seth Manchester
Mastered by Greg Calbi, Sterling Sound

The band:
Brian Rutledge – trumpet, synth
David Michael Curry – viola
Joseph Marrett – bass
Nicholas Ward – baritone guitar, piano
Ryan Connelly – drums
Ryan H. Walsh – vocals, guitar

Special guests:
John Payne – flute and soprano sax on “It Still Floors Me”
Tyler Derryberry – theremin on “Folk Music Is Insane” and “People Keep Dying”

All songs written by Ryan H. Walsh
except “Born to Blow It” written by Ryan H. Walsh and Marissa Nadler
All songs arranged by Hallelujah The Hills

Copyright ©2019 Reverse The Tape Decks ASCAP


all rights reserved



Hallelujah The Hills Boston, Massachusetts

I'M YOU is out now!

Since late 2005, HTH have released 7 Albums, 2 EP's, 1 B-Sides Compilation, and, here on Bandcamp, some other weird releases and bootlegs available too cuz we know you like to go deep.


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Track Name: Folk Music Is Insane
it started with contraband
the poet blinked twice
she can see
the deepest impossible sea
and we’re walking together
singing the songs of
some SOB stuck in a dream
with a dancer
and a praying monster
don’t you know
there’s a killer on the road?

Slam cut to present day
there’s weirdness in the woods
i’m alone
and I can’t stop looking at my phone
now we’re cheering on assassins
adjusting our glasses
pretending that a verse would set us free
or a bad joke
or a single helix
it’s all the same to a ghost with a guitar

folk music is insane
folk music is insane

we’re back in a different time
who knows where
i’ve been here before
hear those chimes
of the brand names washed out with the tide
and you’re better than ever
your mood like the weather
is overcast with a chance of regret
prepared piano
and tape loops
and the rarest of b-sides have absolutely ruined my life

folk music is insane
folk music is insane
folk music is insane
folk music is insane

it’s something to behold
but it’s out of reach
and you can’t explain
you’ll never get close
folk music is insane

I know it’s not nostalgia
won’t you meet me in the parlor
we can’t escape forever
and there’s something in the water
folk music is insane
Track Name: Running Hot With Fate
Trisha went to Washington and lit up like a Christmas Tree
Adrian got busted but he's always been a friend to me
well i'm fine, but i'm not ok
Sarah saw a shooting star but kindly gave her wish away
we're running hot with fate

Alice wasn't kidding when she said she saw a UFO
elliot was ripping up his letters out in the snow
well i'm fine, but i'm not ok
Nathan's finally floating and it happened in the USA
we're running hot with fate

Dori’s finally being who she always knew he was inside
It’s hard here without Jay but his memory stays by his side
well i'm fine, but i'm not ok
if you think you’re at you’re limit just remember what some folks survive
we're running hot with fate

Jamie’s back in rehab & this time he says it ain’t no joke
Zadie said she’d leave him if he ever goes back to dope
well i'm fine, but i'm not ok
Met a fortune teller who told me it would turn out this way
we're running hot with fate

I’m running hot with it
And you’re avoiding it
We’re both arguing which one attracted it

Can u carve a new world
From some old clay?
I keep waking up surprised I get another day

Is this free will
Or is it destiny?
It doesn’t matter who the fuck’s in charge of me

we're running hot with fate
[hot fate! Hot fate!]

(I don’t believe in it / but I’m running hot with it)

hot fate

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