Have You Ever Done Something Evil? (2014)

by Hallelujah The Hills

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Doug Mayo-Wells
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Doug Mayo-Wells I've loved this band from the git-go, but this is probably their best recorded performance to date. Earworms galore, and well-recorded to boot. Favorite track: Phenomenonology.
Richard RR
Richard RR thumbnail
Richard RR Utterly worth buying! Favorite track: Do You Have Romantic Courage?.
Randy Johnson
Randy Johnson thumbnail
Randy Johnson The perfect soundtrack to drive from St. Louis, MO to Keokuk, IA. One of the three finest records of 2014. I Stand Corrected, We Are What We Say We Are, and Do You Have Romantic Courage are standouts, but really, the entire album is outstanding. Favorite track: I Stand Corrected.
Jan Kuik
Jan Kuik thumbnail
Jan Kuik best album yet. Especially the long(er) numbers. My fav: Phenomenology Favorite track: Try This Instead.


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Praise for HYEDSE!

- "Another giant step forward" - PopMatters
- "Without a doubt they are one of the greatest bands currently making music." - Captain's Dead
- "Few do it with the style and imagination of Hallelujah the Hills. [It's] is a blast from start to finish, every minute packed with hooky twists and turns. Mastermind Ryan Walsh can write a hell of a chorus, too, hitting plenty of Pollard-ian, singalong sweet spots over the album’s 12 tunes." - Aquarium Drunkard
- "Anthemic" - Brooklyn Vegan
- “A rousing, old-school rock whirlwind” – Stereogum
- “Criminally underappreciated” – Spin
-"The smartest music you will ever hoist a beer to" 4/5 ☆'s - Blurt Magazine
- "Put on this song, shut up, and kiss someone." – Noisey
- "They make music that is equivalent to crack. – Captain’s Dead
- "The best rock & roll album I've heard this year." - Wake The Deaf
- "This is a brilliant record in an age in which bands make singles. Believe the Hype." - Ryan's Smashing Life
- "Still growing and remaining strong, telling stories and evolving" - BDC Wire
- "Catchy-as-hell singalong choruses" - One Chord To Another
- “An album you should buy right now” – Matt Besser, founder of Upright Citizens Brigade
- "Infuses euphoric melodies with lyrical wit and imagination" - WBUR
- "A band at the top of its game" - Bucket Full Of Nails
- BBC Radio's song of the day


released May 13, 2014

Recorded at 1809 Studios, Macedon, NY - www.1809studios.com
Produced by Hallelujah the Hills & Dave Drago
Mixed & Mastered at Machines with Magnets, Pawtucket, RI by Seth Manchester, Keith Souza, & Ryan Walsh
Copyright ©2014 Reverse The Tape Decks ASCAP

("You Got Fooled" engineered & mixed by Matt Beaudoin at Q Division Studios)

Ryan Connelly – Drums, Vocals
Joseph Marrett – Bass, Vocals
Brian Rutledge – Trumpet, Moog, Vocals
Ryan Walsh – Guitar, Vocals
Nicholas Ward – Bass, Vocals

Special Guests: Madeline Forster and Dave Drago



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Track Name: I Stand Corrected
You’ve been selected to participate
In a survey about this call
You can press 3 to get on with it
Or smash the phone into the wall
Cuz when times get rough
We can always choose the good ol’ fight or flight
& this informal polling call is just another way to pass the night
We used to live like a Two-Part Tribe
Now we’re struggling to pass by
We used to shout names at the dawn
If you recall this please press one
If you recall this please press one
& if you’re all alone when the shit goes down
You can always press the star key to see if I’m around
But I probably won’t be around
Because the world tends to swallow us whole
& I’d rather risk oblivion
Then wait around to play some phony role
I’m losing track of who hates who
I’m an exception to the rule
I think somebody’s coming around who’s gonna tell us the truth
Is everybody's wasting your time?
I stand corrected